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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Attention Past Brides - Dust Off Your Wedding Dress and Get a Redo of Wedding Photos FREE!

That's right, you heard me!  Dust off your dress and all of your accessories and get a second change at being a bride without all the wedding hassles for FREE!  This is a trade for shoot which means you get the professional services and photos for free in exchange for permission for the professionals to use the photos for promotional purpose only.  These will not be for sale. 

Maybe you just loved your dress so much you want to wear it again, or you didn't get the pictures you hoped for from your photographer, or maybe you just want to relive wearing that costly dress you only got to wear once.  There will be a professional hair stylist, makeup artist, and photographer to capture you in your gown.  You can even get your Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid's, Flower Girl, Mother, or Hubby in on it.  Have them bring their attire they wore.  Some fun ideas for this shoot:

Trash the dress:
Paint, chocolate, Folsom Lake, Rainbow Bridge (American River), classic car wash with hubby, underwater, cake throwing, water fountain, ketchup and mustard (picnic).


Just silly fun with your girl's

Lost your pictures?  Get a second chance.

Trash the dress (we can even get gory here if you want).

Be a model for the day


We are looking for all ages, shapes, colors etc.  It is not limited.  We want the real world girl here!  So if you think you can't model, don't be afraid to apply!  We will help you!  If your dress is ancient (IE 80's) we will probably not do a serious shoot but a Trash the Dress would be recommended or something else fun.

You must be able to provide your own dress, veil, accessories etc.  Also you must be able to provide or help provide props for the concept we agree on.  You must be able to travel to Folsom CA during the week for the shoot. 

To be considered, please message me on www.facebook.com/mkmakeupartist or send an email to michellekinkaid@gmail.com .  Send a picture of you, preferably in your dress and any other information such as your ideas for the shoot, contact info, and when you are available.  We will be in contact shortly after that.  The weather here has been so amazing that we will be shooting in the next few weeks.  For a limited time this offer is for FREE in exchange for usage of the pictures.  You will be asked to sign a waiver of liability.  We will likely only do 10 of these shoots.  So why not tell your other married friends and let them know of this special event!

**This event is extended to photographers, hair stylists, and models that would like to boost their portfolios.  MODELS MUST HAVE YOUR OWN DRESS, VEIL, AND ACCESSORIES. 

Not valid for actual wedding date.  This is for promotional use only.

Photo above:
Model: Naomi
Hair: Carrie B. Mac Hair
Photographer: Donna Beck
Makeup: Michelle Kinkaid http://www.michellekinkaidmakeup.com/

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Makeup Tips for Engagement Photos

Getting engagement photos professionally done are one of the most important things on your to do list right now since getting engaged.  It time stamps how you and your fiance looked at this memorable time.  And likely you will use these photos for your "save the date", at your wedding, and you will be hanging this in your home that you have built together.  So it is equally as important to look your best.  If you can't hire a makeup artist, here are some tips that you can do on your own. 

1. Get your eyebrows waxed!  Uni brows and thin brows are out.  Natural and groomed brows are in. The eyebrows are the frame for you eyes.  Big bushy eyebrows take away from your eyes, which is the single most important thing to stand out in your pictures.  Besides the obvious, your love:)  If your brows are too thin, of course skip this step.  But you will want to work on getting them thicker.  To grow them out, stop plucking and waxing immediately.  I like to use Latisse or some kind of lash grower on the brow area only.  It's effective and it works!  However, this may take a few months to do for the hair cycle.

2. Don't wax no earlier then a week before your scheduled photo shoot.  Sometimes you can have a reaction to the wax.  You certainly don't want to find this out as you have your wax the day before. 

3. Start using a daily scrub to buff out dull and lifeless skin.  I personally love Aveeno Daily Scrub $6 found at drug stores everywhere.  It's cheap, and works really well. 

4. Hydrate your skin inside and out.  This means 8-10 glasses of water daily and moisturizing with a good moisturizer day and night.  Use the type of moisturizer that is meant for your skin type.  Oily skin should use a water based oil free moisturizer.  And dry skin should use a thicker and richer type of moisturizer meant for dry skin. 

5. Don't skip on the eye gel!  Time and time again I get a bride with very dry skin around the eyes.  It is so dry that the moisturizers I use just soak in so fast and it begs for more.  I'm serious, the skin tells me that:)  Opt for an eye gel over an eye lotion.  Gels absorb better in the skin and won't clog the pores in this very delicate area. 

6. Makeup Tips!  Go for a natural look.  Just be your best self.  Attempting an over the top look will just look ridiculous.  Since you will be on camera you could afford to go slightly more dramatic since the camera won't pick up all the detail.  Check out my post here on the best eye shadows for you eye color here for tips on your best colors. Pairing these shades with complimentary blush and lip color will leave you looking picture perfect.  If you want a bit more drama, you can choose to wear a pair of false eyelashes.  Just be sure to get them so they are not too long or thick.  Think naturally beautiful here.  A pair of demi lashes is a good choice and are easy to get on.  Demi lashes are "half" lashes that are not a full lash and are just added to outer part of the lashes to add flair.  Check out this video for how to apply false lashes. 

7. Wear a good foundation.  I personally love liquid foundations.  You get great coverage and if you pick the right color for you it will disappear into the skin like a lotion.  Make Up Forever HD Foundation is my all time favorite.  It's spendy, but the finish is absolutely beautiful and meant for High Definition cameras.  To match your perfect color test it on your collarbone, not your face.  Often our faces won't tan, or there is less pigment.  You want your face to blend with your body. 

To get the look in the photos above- I used on Olesha Taupless by MAC all over the lid and lightly on the brow bone.  Haux by MAC in the crease.  Lips are a light plumy pink lip gloss and I used Dame blush by MAC on the cheeks.  L'Oreal Voluminous mascara in black and MAC Raven Eye Kohl.  Super easy and very chic. 

Models: Mike and Olesha (such a gorgeous couple!)
Photographer: Warren Hearl with http://www.imagigraphics.smugmug.com/
Hair: Stacey Barton with http://www.looksharpsalon.com/
Makeup: Michelle Kinkaid http://www.michellekinkaidmakeup.com/
Location: McKinnley Park, Sacramento Ca.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

OMG Can this Couple be any Cuter?! Amy and Gill

Isn't this longtime married couple seriously so adorable?  I absolutely love doing makeup for Amy.  These beautiful shots are for their family photos.  See, having a makeup artist isn't just for weddings!  If your paying for professional photos, wouldn't you want to look your best?  I think Amy here, looks amazing!  For Amy's look she wanted to look like her best self.  So we kept the palette neutral with a little "pop" from false eyeslashs.  Love.

Photographer: Keri Ann Photography
Hairstylist: Amy Garza (self)
Makeup Artist: Michelle Kinkaid -  www.michellekinkaidmakeup.com

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Behind the Scenes 2011

In 2011 I had an amazing year growing my Makeup Artistry Business.  And along the way, I was lucky enough to get some candid shots from amazing photographers of me in action.  I wanted to share with you these really fun shots.  Take a look....

From the Kennie's Doll Shoot for Spring 2011

Photographer: www.donnabeckphotography.com  (all above)

Photographer: www.candidsbycoree.com

Teaching a hands on workshop...

Jen's Wedding..  Photogrpaher www.kimjmartin.com

Peacock Feathered Lash Shoot!  Photographer: www.donnabeckphotography.com

Behind the Scenes for Natasha's beauty shoot.  This is Kent from KS Studios, I took the picture.

Trash the Dress Bridal.  Photographer www.donnabeckphotography.com

Jacki's Wedding...

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winner of the Bride's Choice Awards 2012!!

Weddings, Wedding Venues
2012 Bride's Choice Awards | Best Wedding Photographers, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Florists, Wedding Planners

I am very excited to officially announce that I have won the Bride's Choice Awards for 2012!!  This means I am in the top 5% of wedding pro's nationwide.  I could not have done it without your reviews, so thank you thank you so much!  It's a nice ending to the incredible year I had in 2011.  Now, onwards to 2012!  I plan on making this year even better!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here She Comes Miss America 2012! Get her Makeup Look!

DO:  Wear waterproof mascara anytime you think you might cry, sweat or get your makeup wet for any reason.  This was a big faux pax of the new Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler, Miss Wisconsin.  However we will over look this big makeup mess and take a look at her beautiful makeup from before the tears.  Well, actually this is after the tears, just touched back up:)

Awe, now that is better.  This gorgeous beauty won the coveted title of Miss America and now will be spending the next year living out of a suite case and supporting worthy causes.  Being a makeup artist I can't help but pay more attention to the makeup.  Laura is very dark haired and choose a black dress, which looked amazing on her.  But surprisingly she choose to wear very dark makeup too.  Which I felt was maybe a tad bit too much.  However, the technique is very pretty.  I just would have done this look with a more neutral dress or maybe softened up the look for this beautiful black one. 

It looks as if she went for a matte black smokey eye the comes up above her natural crease and blended softly near the brow bone.  Heavy black liner is on the top and bottom lash lines including the waterline.  And she definitely is sporting some thick false eyelashes.  She did well to balance out the eyes with a softer lip and cheek.  I am giving her some credit that she does need it to be a bit darker for television.  I like the peachy rose color that she choose.  My overall thought is that although pretty it's a bit much for a 23 year old, the dark hair and dark dress. 

This look is easy to achieve, just use the smokey eye technique in a very black matte shadow.  Pair up with a peachy lip gloss and blush.  And, BAM!  You look like Miss America.  Just don't forget the waterproof mascara!  PLEASE!

Photos courtesy of Scott Harrison http://www.harrisonphotos.com/.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Now Offering Airbrush Makeup and Hairstyling for Weddings!

I am so excited that I am now offering hairstyling and airbrush makeup to my services for 2012! 

Airbrush makeup is essential if you live in hotter and more humid areas such as Sacramento.  Airbrush makeup is so light weight yet covers pretty much any imperfection while lasting up to 12-24 hours.  You won't ever get oily and you will have a matte to satin finish that is flawless.  Not to mention airbrushing is so sanitary since the airbrush never touches your face and the makeup is never cross contaminated.  Check out my website for pricing information here

I am also pleased to announce that I have added hairstyling to my services as well.  I have partnered up with the amazing Carrie B. Mac for larger parties.  And I will do makeup and hair for smaller groups.  I have worked with Carrie on many many occasions from bridal to high fashion.  She is so talented at what she does.  Makeup is my first love and so hairstyling is an added feature to my makeup services.  This works well for brides that want one person to handle it all.  Or if it is a much smaller group and the minimum for travel hasn't been met, this is a good option.  Check out the pricing information here.

Call me to schedule your appointment!  916-769-9005

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Christeen:) Perfect Senior Portraits

Makeup Artistry isn't just for weddings!  Senior portraits or anytime you are getting your photos done, professionally or not, it's key to have a skilled makeup artist to help you look your best!  Here's Christeen.  She was so lovely and sweet, I loved working with her! 

Location: Folsom CA
Photographer: Brent Ross Photography
Hair: Christeen
Makeup Artist: Michelle Kinkaid - www.michellekinkaidmakeup.com

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