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Monday, July 25, 2011

Video Tutorial - How to Fix Broken Eyeshadows and Blushes

In this video I show you how to easily and quickly fix broken powdered eye shadows, blushes or even facial powders.  This technique is sanitary and simple to do. 

You will need:
70% or higher rubbing alcohol
Syringe or dropper
Sandwich bag

The Steps:
1. Place a few drops of rubbing alcohol directly to the effected area. 
2. Carefully place eyeshadow pan in the sandwich bag and push to the corner.
3. Place the quarter on top of the bag and press firmly to press the eyeshadow back to form.
4. Set eyeshadow to the side to dry.

That's it!  It is so simple!  And it saves you a ton of money.  Please comment and SUBSCRIBE to all my channels!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Photoshoot Exclusive! Jennie Anne, Simply Sweet Bride

Finally!  Here are the pictures of the gorgeous Jennie Anne, my Simply Sweet Bride.  Her dress was so adorable with layer after layer of ruffled lace.  Chandelier earrings and a flower in her hair are all she needed to keep this look simply elegant.  I kept her makeup natural and warm.  With a sprinkle of glam by adding false eyelashes.  Jennie was so fun to work with and is such a sweetheart.  Thank you so much Jennie for such a fun time!

Photographer: http://www.imagigraphics.smugmug.com/
Makeup by Michelle Kinkaid

Friday, July 15, 2011

Photoshoot Exclusive! Natasha, Country Bumkin

Here are picutres from Natasha's Country shoot!  We shot at this great coral in Folsom off of White Rock rd. and I must say, it made these pictures perfect!  Natasha fit the character perfectly and looked amazing!

To get her look:
Apply MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ocre all over the lid and brow bone.
Use MAC Mulch eyeshadow all over the lid and crease and in the lower lash line.
Use black eyeliner only on the upper lid.
Use a rosey blush like in Coastal Scents 10 color blush palette.
Apply a rosey lipstick and gloss like MAC Soar liner and MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour in For Keeps.
Red Cherry #43 lashes

Photographer: Glory Photo (bottom left) and http://www.ksphotos.com/
Hair: Stacey at http://www.looksharpsalon.com/
Makeup: Michelle Kinkaid


Friday, July 08, 2011

Video Tutorial - Getting Crafty With Makeup Series - How to Depot Your Eyeshadows!

Here is part 2 of Getting Crafty with Makeup!  In this video I show you how to depot your individual eye shadows so you can place them in a easy to organize palette.  This helps you to see what you have, keep it all together, and save space!  This is a great method whether or not you are a makeup artist or just someone who likes to be organized.  There will be 2 more videos to come, next will be how to fix your broken eye shadows.  So if you do happen to get any casualties, don't worry and don't throw anything away!

If you happen to be depotting a ton of MAC eye shadows, don't forget about their Back 2 MAC program.  For every 6 full size containers you bring back to a store you get an eyeshadow or lipstick at the free standing stores or a lipstick at any Nordstrom or Macy's. 

Here's what you will need:
Flat Iron at 170 degrees
Wax Paper
A safety pin
Dot stickers
Magnets with a sticky side
Palette to place your eye shadows in.  I used www.zpalette.com.  I can get you a discounted rate with a bulk order, just email me.

Here are some tips:
Not all eye shadows are like the MAC example I gave in the video.  Most you can just set directly on the palette.  As long as it isn't too thick. 
Keep on the flat iron for about 30 seconds.
Place the safety pin in an opening between the plastic and the metal pan.  Push hard all the way down and then angle to get under the metal pan.  Slide it around to loosen up the glue.
Once cool, place the label and magnet to the bottom.
If you have too much sticky glue, use 90 proof rubbing alcohol on a Qtip or cotton ball to remove any excess. 
Now you can place your eyeshadow in your new palette!

**If you have a casualty.  Don't panic.  Just set aside and look for my how to fix video tomorrow.  This may happen and this does take some practise to get it perfect. 

Good Luck and Happy Organizing!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Photoshoot Exclusive! Natasha

This stunning swimsuit model wanted to get some new looks in her portfolio and contacted me to do her makeup.  She was an amazing canvas to work on and so sweet.  We had lots of fun creating a couple of looks for her.  Stay tuned for the Country shoot pictures coming soon!

To get Natasha's Head shot look:
Start by putting Soft Ochre Paint pot by MAC all over the lid and brow bone.
Apply All That Glitters eyeshadow by MAC all over the lid and almost all the way to the brow bone and in around the tear duct.
Use MAC's Carbon eyeshadow in the crease and outer "v" and into the lower lash line.  Blend this out really well to create a smokey look.
Put bronzer just under the cheek bones.  Then add NARS Orgasm Blush to the tops of the cheekbones. 
For the lips we used MAC Subculture lip liner and MAC Cherish lipstick.
Finally add Red Cherry #82 Lashes for drama.

Viola!  She just glowed!  Try this look for yourself!  Good Luck!

Photographer: KS Photos
Hair by Stacey at Look Sharp Salon http://www.looksharpsalon.com/
Makeup by Me!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Video Tutorial - 4th of July Inspired!

Just in time for 4th of July, here is a celebration inspired look! 

For the eyes:
In the inner corner and tear duct/ lower lash line, use a Gold color.  I used MAC's Surf Baby Pigment in Gold.
In the Outer corner and outer lower lash line use a Black blue color.  I used MAC's Surf Baby in the black/green/blue color.
In the center use a bright blue.  I used MAC's Cornflower Pigment.
*I didn't show this in the video, but I would use a frost white on the brow bone.

Face: Bronzer for blush

Lips: Go for a bright shade of red.  I used MAC's Cherry liner and NYX Hebe lipstick.

To take this look to another level, add sequins or rhinestones using brush on lash glue.  I used Ardell's.  Also try adding glitter to your face.  I used MAC's Reflects Gold glitter.

And that's it!  Hope you have a FUN and Safe 4th of July!!