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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Video Tutorial - How to Clean and Disinfect Your Makeup Brushes

This video shows you how to easily clean and disinfect your makeup brushes for either light, moderate or heavy usage.  This system is not created by me.  I learned how to do this on YouTube a long time ago, but this is my preferred method out of the tons you can do.  I also tell you when and how you should be cleaning them.

Daily and in between clients/colors:
MAC Brush Cleaner.  Get the spray nozzle at Sally's.  Simply spray a bit on a clean towel or paper towel and move the brush in a circular motion.  This is alcohol based so it will disinfect.

Baby Shampoo Method:
Do this once a week for personal use. If you are a makeup artist put your dirty brushes that you used in a plastic zip lock bag.  When you get home wash with the baby shampoo.

EVOO/Baby Shampoo deep clean:
Do this about once a month or every two weeks if you are a makeup artist working consistently.  Start by giving your brushes a pre-treatment by putting Olive Oil on a strong paper towel and rubbing the brush head in a circular motion.  This will loosen up any deep down dirt, oils, product and bacteria.  Then wash in warm water using the baby shampoo to remove extra dirt and the olive oil. 

1.Wash the brush with the bristles pointing downwards.  Do not flip the brush bristles up while wet or running in the water.  This will cause the water to drip into the feral (the metal part) and loosen up your bristles resulting in thinning. 
2.You also don't want to get the wood handle wet.
3.For large fluffy brushes wash in a circular motion.  For flat or synthetics brushes go back and forth.
4.When finished squeeze out extra water in a dry towel.
5.Test to make sure the brush is clean by wiping it on a clean towel and see if there is any residue still coming off.
6.Reshape the brush and lay flat on a dry, clean towel. 
7.It may take over night for the brush to dry.  Larger brushes will take longer.

Hope you found this helpful!  Let me know what you think and what else you would like to see me do!  Comment here or Follow me on www.facebook.com/mkmakeupartist and www.twitter.com/michellekinkaid.

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