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Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to Wear Metal Eyeshadow Four Ways

Metal colored eyeshadows can give your everyday makeup look a boost. These pretty shades of bronze, cooper or gold are very universal and go with nearly every color. Here are four versions that are so different.

Nude: Paired with a nude lip is great for the barely there look. To get this look I used MAC Subculture lip liner with MAC Myth lipstick and MAC Prism blush.

Classic: Another great daytime look and also a great bridal makeup look. Here I used MAC Dervish liner with MAC Chic lipstick and ELF Muted Mauve blush.

Pop: A pop of color brightens your day and can be used in all kinds of eye catching colors such as fuchsia or orange. I used for this look MAC Cherry lip liner and MAC Impassioned lipstick with MAC Dollymix blush.

Vamp: a metal eyeshadow looks amazing with a dark lip. Try using anything from a dark blood red or a dark eggplant. I used MAC Vino lip liner and Mary Kay lipstick in Confidence with MAC Ablaze blush.

For all of the looks I used Urban Decay Smog eyeshadow from the Naked 1 Pallette. So you can see one color can be used in many different ways. Try using lots of varieties and you will be in love with this new version of neutral makeup!

Friday, April 05, 2013

Prom Special for 2013!

Special rate for High School students for Prom season!  For $50 get a complete makeup look AND get false eyelashes and a mini touch up kit for FREE!!  And for the occasion, I just ordered some amazing party lashes with rhinestones and glitter.  There is a limited supply so first come first serve! 

On location services available for parties of 4 or more.  In studio for individual appointments. 

Call today for your appointment!  916-769-9005

Friday, March 29, 2013

Jenn & Brian Featured on Heart Love Weddings Blog!

We've been featured on the Heart Love Weddings Blog!  I absolutely loved working with Jenn on her wedding day and it's great to reminisce and look back.  Kim from Kim J Martin truly captured the beauty of this day.  Check out the post here!

Here's some makeup shoots...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sacramento Bride & Groom Editorial - Romance

Great news!  I've been published in the latest publication of Sacramento Bride & Groom!  It was so amazing to be apart of such a talented team of industry professionals.  I had the unique opportunity to have access to a vintage cottage in Placerville CA.  In fact it was my in-laws property that they were about to sell after living there for over 30 years.  So I had to jump on the chance to photograph there before it was gone!  Spring is the best time to shoot here because the back yard is in full bloom with these gorgeous pillow-y flowers that when they fall look like snow.  What a great day and thank you to Sacramento Bride & Groom for publishing the pictures and a special thanks to Darcie from a Dazzling Day for the connections!  Read the magazine here or on news stands now!

Here are some of the Hair and Makeup pictures....


You + We Photography
A Dazzling Day...by Darcie
Minerva from Urban Hair Lounge
Natural Flair Custom Floral Designs
Enchanted Bridal Shoppe
Sharif Jewelers
Pretty Sweet Cakes
Models: Laura O'Brien and Hailey Sharpe

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vanessa & Todd Featured on The Real Weddings Blog

Gorgeous Vanessa and her wedding is featured on the Real Weddings Blog!  This is one of my favorite weddings to date and the peacock theme was amazing.  Vanessa just shined and it was truly a very happy day!  Congrats to Vanessa and Todd!  Check out the post here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lucious Lips

Pinned Image

Lips are not just for a bit of gloss or a pop of color.  Try getting artistic with them and make them a stand out!  Textures like sprinkles, sugar, sequins, or foil look incredible.  Or "paint" stripes, geometric shapes, and pokadots.  Use inspiration from flowers, fruits, animals , and your surroundings.  One of my new favorite products out there are Violent Lips a tattoo transfer for your lips.  So cool!  The possibilities are endless! 

Let's see what you can do!  Post in the comments a cool lip idea that you created.  A cell phone snap shot will do. 


See this gorgeous Watermelon  Makeup Tutorial to get you in a warm weather mood :)

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Check out my Pro Makeup Artist site here!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Self Tanning Do's and Don'ts

From our guest blogger, Emma from Escentual.com:)
Self Tannning dos and don’ts

Even though it is summer by name, the changeable weather means it's not always summer by nature. This doesn’t mean that you have to forgo your customary summer glow, however – cheat your way to bronzed skin with our guide to fake tanning...


Shed the old

Before you even think of tanning, you need to prep the skin properly at least a day before. This means getting rid of all the dead skin cells and rough patches of skin on the body, and ensuring a really even surface before adding your colour. Not only will your skin feel really smooth and supple, but your tan will look more natural and will apply with greater ease.

Choose a formulation that will gently buff the body rather than intensively scrub it, unless it is winter or you suffer from excessively dry skin. Products with natural scrubbing agents such as jojoba beads or sugar are ideal, and are also kinder to the environment than those with plastic microbeads.

Restore the balance

Buffing your skin in this way will take away some of its natural oils, so it is important to restore the balance. Envelop your body in the moisture of a body lotion, cream, milk or butter: the choice is yours depending upon the condition of your skin. A body lotion or milk is ideal as they have a finer texture and sink into skin without a trace, although elbows and knees will probably need the more intensive hydration and protection of a cream or butter. Like your exfoliating routine, you need to do this at least a day before so that you don’t inhibit and dilute the development of your tan when it is applied.


Cut corners when applying

The biggest problems with self tanning are the various streaks and patches of dark colour that occur with rushed application. Reserve a good chunk of time for getting your false tan routine right; that added effort results in a longer-lasting, more natural looking colour.

Avoid streaks by applying your tan in methodical, wide, sweeping motions that overlap each other. This will cover a large area while working to buff any lines in. When you’re done, buff any residual lines with a dry tanning mitt (an old sock works just as well!). Another worry when applying false tan is patchiness. Dehydrated skin absorbs fake tan more readily than skin that is properly moisturised, so if you have scaly patches of rough and dry skin these can appear darker than the rest of your body. Avoid this by properly exfoliating and moisturising the body as outlined above.

Fail to prepare your environment

Stains inevitably occur when tanning, especially on the hands. Avoid this by wearing gloves or a tanning mitt, and then washing hands immediately after application. If you have left it too long and your hands are truly stained with product, use a hand scrub to tone down the colour.

Staining clothes and furniture is another worry, and this can happen both during and after the tanning process as your colour is drying. Avoid this by properly covering all surfaces before you start tanning, and by using dark towels. Ensure skin is properly dry before putting your clothes back on or climbing into bed.

Emma loves the sun, but living in Britain means taking a practical approach to tanning. She writes for Escentual.com, a skincare retailer stocking all the best brands from Givenchy to Guerlain.