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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Favorites

I just got done watching the pomp and circumstance of the wedding of the decade along with millions of others across the globe.  Kate Middleton, of middle class stature, marries a Prince and becomes the envy of all woman, the Duchess of Cambridge and the future Queen of England.  You would think that with all the media attention and hoopla, she would not risk for a moment how she will appear to millions and millions of people.  It is rumored that Kate opted to do her own makeup on her big day.  Now, she didn't go into it without any kind of training.  She hired makeup artist Arabella Preston to hone in and master her technique.  Most brides especially of celebrity status would never have taken that risk.  Why she decided to do this?  It hasn't been said yet.  But I certainly applaud her for trying.  I would have personally have done more of a softer look with less eyeliner, especially along the lower lash line.  Or have at least blended it out more.  But her use of color was lovely and ultimately she looked beautiful.  The warmth of her eyes really compliment the rosy cheeks and lipstick.  This look would be gorgeous on any skin tone.  And I love her bold eyebrows which are making a full comeback especially for this Fall. 

Kate Middleton's classic and elegant wedding gown was designed by Sarah Burton, director for Alexander McQueen.  This girl just went up in points in my book!  She kept it simple and chic, and certainly not over the top like Princess Diana's dress was.  Her dress has been compared to Grace Kelly's timeless gown.  The lace bodice and long sleeves partnered with a tasteful plunging neckline is so modern yet classic.  She kept her veil simple to let the lace and tiara, which was borrowed from the Queen made by Cartier, shine.  Her train was dramatic yet at a comfortable length.

Her Maid of Honor and Sister, Pippa Middleton, also wore Alexander McQueen in an ivory scooped neck with cap sleeved dress.  This dress is reminiscence to the red dress that Cameron Diaz wore to the 2010 Golden Globes.  She looked absolutely beautiful and the dress fit her like a dream.  It's interesting that Kate had her bridesmaid's were white. 

 I am so fascinated with how popular hats are in England.  Every single woman wore these wonderful hats in every over the top style from large saucer types, floral bouquets, feathers, and these amazing little artistic hats worn in the most awkward of places.  On their forehead.  If you were not wearing one, then you were the minority.  Each hat was a work of art.  Some notable wearers were Victoria Beckham, the Ferguson Daughters, Sophie Winkleman, Lady Frederick Windsor, & Camilla Parker Bowles.

The Queen Mum also looked lovely in a canary yellow dress and matching hat.  I loved that she wore such a cheery color. 

Everyone who watches the Royal Wedding are mostly curious about the fashion.  And that's what it gave you.  Fashion, fashion and more fashion.  Starting with Kate's timeless appeal and to the celebrity and Royal guest's fashion choices, it was surely an event to watch! 

Get Kate Middelton's Wedding day makeup look.  Check out this video:

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Video Tutorial - Spring Green

This video is the last in the BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette series.  In this video I use palette #1.  The inspiration is the newness of spring like the fresh grass and green leaves.  This palette has an amazing array of colors and a huge variety in each color scheme.  Enjoy the look!

You Will Need:
White eyeliner in a pencil, gel or cream formula
Small fluffy brush
Shimmery bright yellow eyeshadow
Bright green shimmery eyeshadow
Medium sized eyeshadow brush
Matte dark green eyeshadow
Small dome brush
Black green eyeliner
Pencil brush
Large blending brush
Satin white gold eyeshadow
Neutral warm blush
Angled blush brush
Neutral lip stain or lip liner
Pale beige lipstick or lip gloss

Think of your eye lids in thirds.
Use the white eyeliner as a base to light up the eyeshadow and for added richness and hold.
Keep the insides portion of you lids the lightest to open up the eyes and brighten.
Pat in the middle color (bright green) instead of brushing it in.  You will blend it out later.
Use your outer color in a Matte.  Adding a third shimmery color will over power the look.  That Matte creates a balance in texture.
Using a green black eyeliner keeps with the green theme and pulls all the colors together.  Black can also be used.
When applying eyeshadow to the lower lash line, match what you did on the top on the bottom.
Keep your lips and cheeks in a neutral warm color so that you don't over do the whole look.
Make sure to apply an eye, face and lip primer before application!
When adding a lighter shade of lip gloss on a darker liner or stain with lighten up the lips.

Where to Buy:
BH Cosmetics Palette #1 - http://www.bhcosmetics.com/
White Gel Eyeliner - http://www.coastalscents.com/
MAC Tarnish Eyeliner - http://www.maccosmetics.com/
Blush Palette - http://www.bhcosmetics.com/ or http://www.coastalscents.com/
Cover Girl Lip Stain in Toffe - Drugstores everywhere
NYX Girl's lip gloss in Whipped - http://www.cherryculture.com/
Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara - http://www.marykay.com/

Friday, April 15, 2011

Video Tutorial - The Soft Smokey Look

This look is the 2nd video in my 3 part series using the BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette.  This time I am using Palette #3.  If you don't have this palette, I am telling you right now to go and get it!  It has a lovely combination of neutrals and bright colors in many different finishes.  This and all of the other palettes with BH Cosmetics are the right price and quality to practise and come up with some amazing out of this world looks!

In this tutorial I show you how to achieve a soft version of the smokey eye.  It is a really simple technique and can be used with any of the color combinations in this palette.

You will need:
Eye, Face and Lip primers
Paint Pot in Painterly
Dark satin or shimmery finish eyeshadow
Slightly darker then flesh toned satin eyeshadow
Black eyeliner
Liquid Illuminator
Neutral purple toned blush (to pick up the purple flakes in the dark eyeshadow I used.)
False eyelashes or Volumizing mascara
Purple toned lip liner
Pinky purple lipgloss
Medium eyeshadow brush
Medium fluffy dome brush
Large blending brush

When using the darkest color don't over dip your brush.  Take a little bit at a time to avoid over fall out.
When using false eyelashes use a light formula mascara such as Mabelline's Great Lash in blackest black.
If you don't want to use false eyelashes use 3 coats of volumnizing mascara for max drama.
Using the flesh toned color in the crease adds depth without too much added color.
Use the dark eyeshadow on the lower lash line instead of eyeliner
Pat the dark color in instead of pushing the brush around.
Don't put any color on the large blending brush when blending.  Just use this to soften up the look.
Keep you lips light so not to over power the look.
Try this same technique using different shades.

Where to Buy:
BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette #3 and 10 color Blush Palette
MAC Painterly Paint Pot and Fluidline in Black Track
MAC Lush and Lilac Lip Liner
Mary Kay Liquid Illuminator in #1, Lip, face, and eye primers
NYX Beige Mega Shine Lip Gloss
Red Cherry #1 Lashes
Mabeline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black - Drugstores everywhere


Monday, April 04, 2011

Video Tutorial - Date Night Purples

Here is the 1st of 3 video tutorials that I am going to do on the 120 color BH Cosmetics palettes.  I used all the colors from palette #2.  This sultury purple look is beautiful for spring.  Only three colors are used.  You can do this with or without false eyelashes.  Post your efforts in the comment box or on my facebook page!

You will need:
BH Cosmetics Palette #2:  Gold/white color from top palette, 3rd from left, 2 row. 
                                         Frosty violet purple color 2nd palette, 4th from left, 1st row.
                                         Matte bright purple 2nd palette, 4th from left, 4th row.
*You can use any of these colors with makeup you already have.
MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
Black eyeliner
Large eyeshadow brush
Medium eyeshadow brush
Large blending brush
Pencil brush
Pinky purple neutral blush
Pinky purple neutral liner and lipstick
Mascara or False Eyelashes

Think of your eyes in fraction 3rds.
Blend blend blend!
Bring the eyeshadow to the lower lash line in lew of eyeliner.  This makes for a softer smokey look.
Keep the inner eye with the lightest color to add a pop of brightness.
Since your eyes are very dramatic, stick to neutral cheeks and lips so not to over power your face.
If you don't have false eyelashes use a volumizing mascara in two coats.

Products Used:
BH Cosmetics palettes $29.95
MAC Paint Pot in Painterly $16.50
MAC Fluidline in Black Track $15.00
MAC Cream Lipliner in Pink Treat $14.50
MAC Lipstick in Brave $14.50
BH Cosmetics 10 color Blush Palette $16.95
Red Cherry #43 Lashes $1.99