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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Shopping for the Girl Who Loves All Things Beauty Part 4: Gift Certificates

Sometimes buying makeup and beauty items for someone else can be a very personal thing.  What one person likes the other not so much.  So if you are getting a gift for the girl who has everything or is so hard to shop for, Gift Certificates are a great option.  Here are some of my favorite ideas for Gift certificates:

Massage:  In this stressful world these days everyone could use a massage to work out those kinks.  One massage could be up to $85.  But why not get a package of massages and save a bit of money in the long run?  Not to mention, knowing that she has more to fall back on when the going gets tough is good to have!  If you're local, my go to massage therapist is Melissa Beasley.  She's amazing!  You can contact her at 530-409-7579.

Waxing: This one is a bit more practical since it's not exactly relaxing.  But in this economy it's rough and a girl still needs to get that bikini done and those eyebrows groomed.  This is also good as a single service or a package deal.  See if you can do some snooping around to find out who she goes to currently.  If not, try out European Wax Centers at www.waxcenter.com.  They are everywhere and have really good prices.

Spa Services:  Choose one service or go all out with a full on day package.  Get her a pedi/mani, facial, massage, hair and makeup, and a body treatment.  Or you can pick just a few.  No matter what she will be thrilled with this one!

CND Shellac Nails or Minx:  These are new trends to hit the nail scene.  She'll be surprised you ever thought of this.  Check out www.cnd.com and www.minxnails.com for Salons that offer this service. 

Night on the Town:  Get creative with your Gift Certificate.  Make it a big event by putting all the elements together for a spectacular night out with her man or the girl's.  Include makeup and hairstyling, a gift card to her favorite store for a new outfit, and a card telling her where she is going.  She will look and feel fabulous for a much needed night out to let loose and have some fun.

Mall Shopping Sprees:  Everyone envisions winning that shopping spree that was being promoted on the radio.  You imagine yourself running crazy through the stores, grabbing what you can.  What would you get?  Well you can recreate that experience by getting a Gift Certificate to your local mall!  Go to the Mall's Customer Service or Concierge counter.  Set your dollar amount and her card is good at any store in the mall.  Just for fun, set her a time limit!

Gift Cards: Don't want to get a mall gift card?  Go to her favorite stores and get a gift card.  What's even more fun is to get one where she normally doesn't shop but would love to.  Like Coach, Burberry or Tiffany's.  They will wrap it up for you in a cute box.  And she will be so happy to indulge in something she normally wouldn't do.

Hair Services:  Go to her stylist and get her a cut and color, or a deep conditioning.  Some new fun services hair stylists are offering are colored extensions, feathers and bling in your hair.  Or get her a lesson on how to best style her own hair.  All are really fun!

Makeup Artistry Lessons:  Ok, so I know I am a bit biased with this one being a Makeup Artist.  But it is truly a fun experience to have your makeup done.  Or have someone show you how to do your makeup.  Workshops for her and her friends are a great girl's night out option.  No matter what it's a great idea and she will be thankful for it!  Here's my shameless plug:  Check out this blog post for Makeup Artist Gift Certificate ideas:)

Well I hope that helps!  It's the end of my gift giving series.  But do stay tuned for my next blog post for the Makeup Artist's Ultimate Wish List.    Happy gift giving to you!!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Shopping for the Girl Who Loves All Things Beauty Part 3: Impact Gifts - For when you want to splurge!

So you have your stocking stuffers done and some smaller gifts.  But you want to give her something that will make her freak out.  Now remember, this is for the beautyaholic.  So here are some "impact" gifts that are meant to be splurges.  Basically this is what I would want for Christmas!  He he, I know she will love any of these things!

Dinar Airbrush System.  For personal Airbrush systems this is a really good one.  You can get it in a variety of colors from hot pink to cheetah print.  It comes with an instructional DVD and several foundation colors so you will be sure to get her right shade.  http://www.airbrushmakeup.com/ $160-$260

Makeup Library.  Stock her up on all the how to books you can get your hands on.  It is so fun to learn new techniques and try new things.  Here are some of my favorites which are great for the beginner and beyond, all found at http://www.amazon.com/:  $10-$35 each.
Face Forward by Kevin Aucion
Making Faces by Kevin Aucion
Bobbi Brown Makeup Manuel by Bobbi Brown
Makeup your Mind, Express Yourself by Francios Nars
Makeup Makeovers: Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations by Robert Jones
The 5 Minute Face: The Quick and Easy Makeup Guide for Every Woman by Carmindy

Hair Styling Tools. One of my favorite brands is Hot Tools and they can be found with a big selection at http://www.ulta.com/ or in stores.  Try getting a variety of tools to create different looks.  Get curling irons in a 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2".  Get a 1" flat iron and some other tools for making waves and spirals.  She will have so much fun trying all kinds of looks! $30-$100 each  

Eyeshadow Central!   At http://www.bhcosmetics.com/ they have some really fun affordable eyeshadow palettes that range from 88 colors to 120 colors.  Why not buy her the whole series and really let her explore a world of color!  $16-$34 each. 

Brush Kit.  Great brushes are essential to do great makeup.  Sigma Beauty has quality brushes at an affordable price.  Their Premium Professional kit gives you everything you need and more along with a roll to keep everything together.  Get it for only $149 http://www.sigmabeauty.com/

Train Case. These cases are a stylish way to organize your makeup and it's easy to pick up and go for travel.  The durable aluminum and reinforced steel edges keep it lasting for a long time through lots of wear and tear.  You can even fill this up with lots of fun product.  Offered in a bunch of finishes and styles you can find this one at http://www.yazmo.com/ for $79.95

The Cube. The Cube is an acrylic makeup organizer that was featured on an episode of the Kardashians.  Just a quick glimpse of it in the back during a scene and it went viral.  It looks so pretty on your counter and it is made of very durable and quality parts.  But it is expensive.  $300-$350 at http://www.theclearcube.com/.

MAC Cosmetics Haul.  Noting is more fun then a great big haul of MAC Cosmetics!  Go in and visit a Pro store of one of the stand alone stores in the malls.  Ask a rep to help you assemble a palette.  Get one with eyeshadows and one for blushes.  Then have her pick out some lipsticks to go with what you just got out.  So much fun.  http://www.maccosmetics.com/

Make Up Forever Wild & Chic Collector Case.  This case is filled with MUFE's hottest products for every look you can come up with.  All packaged up in a sleek train case for easy storage.  You get everything from primers, eyeshadows, eye lashes, lips and more!  Truly the makeup lovers favorite thing to get!  $330 at http://www.sephora.com/.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

GiVEAWAY!! Help Me Get to 75 Followers!

Hello Readers!

I want to boost the productivity of this blog.  And so I am offering a GIVEAWAY of 2 MAC Cream 12 color eyeshadow palettes.  One each to two lucky winners.  All you have to do is share this blog to your friends and become a subscriber.  You can do this by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Email, on your own blog, etc.  Once the blog reaches 75 subscribers I will announce the winners on the blog!  So simple!  Who doesn't like winning free stuff?  Especially when it's makeup!!  The giveaway starts, NOW!  So start sharing!  XOXO

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Shopping for the Girl Who Loves All Things Beauty Part 2: Stocking Stuffers - The best little things to fit in a stocking.

Stocking stuffers for the makeup addict is not too hard to do.  We love anything with bling, shimmer, and shine.  If it has a pretty color, we will love it.  But below you will find my favorite pics for stocking stuffers this year.  The basics for a great stocking is to make sure that it fits, it's fun, and it's really cool. 

The Urban Decay NAKED Palette.  Comes with 12 of their famous colors along with some limited addition ones.  All are neutral tones and offer a variety of finishes.  It also comes with a free eyeshadow brush and a sample size of their popular Eyeshadow Potion!  The box has a slim shape can fit in most regular sized stockings.  All this for only $48!  Available at http://www.ulta.com/ and http://www.sephora.com/

Nail Polish.  Any nail polish will really do, but think in terms of FUN.  OPI has some really great colors out right now that crackle, glitter, and pop in color.  China Glaze and Nicole are all good brands too.  Sally Hansen is also another good choice.  Metal is another finish that is hot for fall.   $5-$12 each.  http://www.ulta.com/ or http://www.sephora.com/

Lip Gloss.  My favorite go to lipgloss is the NYX Mega Shine.  There is 64 color choices and the finish is always silky and with high shine.  And you really can't beat the price!  NYX has so many other great affordable products such as their pigments, lip and eye liners, and false eyelashes.  The best place to get them at is http://www.cherryculture.com/ for the biggest variety and they often have them on sale with free shipping if you spend $40.  You can also buy NYX at Ulta stores.  Regular price $5.50 each. 

Brushes.  This is a great small item that will get a lot of use.  Get a kit with a lot of brushes and break it up to put in the stocking or buy them individually.  My favorite brushes are from http://www.maccosmetics.com/ or http://www.sigmabeauty.com/.  Brushes are on the expensive side, but Sigma is pretty affordable without sacrificing quality.  Regular price $14-75 each.

Eyelashes.  This is a really fun idea and doesn't take up a ton of space.  You can get my fav eyelashes by Red Cherry at www.madamemadeline.com.  They are 100% human hair, super light and have around 200 varieties. Madame Madeline also has other brands and styles to choose from.   Also check out www.ebay.com for some really interesting ones such as feathers or flares.  This is definitely for someone daring.  Why not get a few pairs for a variety of looks?  Don't forget the eyelash glue!  $2-15 each.

Pigments. This is essential for the serious makeup girl.  http://www.maccosmetics.com/ have amazing ones and one jar will last a lifetime.  $18 each.  Or try NYX Ultra Pearl Mania pigments.  I have a few and I really like them.  My fav colors are Mocha Pearl, and Walnut.  $3 each.  Find it at http://www.cherryculture.com/ or Ulta stores.

Violent Lips.  These are really fun temporary tattoos for your lips and they come in a huge selection of designs.  They last for up to 8 hours and contain moisturizing agents for your lips.  Each set comes with 3 applications and are easy to use.  Retail $9.99-14.95 each.  www.violentlips.com or also found at Ulta and Sephora. 

E.L.F Cosmetics.  This brand is so affordable you won't believe it!  Nearly everything is under $3 and you can often find it on sale with free shipping at http://www.elfcosmetics.com/.  This is a perfect cheap stocking filler.  They have really great brushes, false eyelashes, gift sets, lip glosses, and I love their HD powder.  Get it also at Target stores.

The Urban Decay Revolution Eye Lash Curler.  This revolutionary eyelash curler is different from other eyelash curlers because of the open cage design.  It eliminates the crimping of the lashes that don't make it into the cage.  And it fits on nearly every sized eye without pinching the skin.  I use this in my makeup kit and it's a must have.  Comes with 5 replacement pads too.  $20.  Find it at http://www.sephora.com/ and http://www.ulta.com/.

Gift Sets and Value Kits.  These are really great because you get travel sized items or even full sized items at a discounted rate. You can use these kits as your stocking stuffers it you take them out of the box for your stocking.  http://www.sephora.com/  has some amazing ones called their Sephora Favorites.  You will find lip products, bestsellers, mascaras, and fragrances.  All of the kits are under $75 and you get a ton of product!

Skin Care.  Provided you know what your gift receiver's skin type is then you can choose this as an option.  Skin care gift sets are an excellent value.  My favorite and the one I use is the Mary Kay Time Wise Miracle Set.  It comes with everything you need, cleanser, day and night solution and a moisturizer for only $90.  http://www.marykay.com/.  You can also find great skin care sets at http://www.ulta.com/ and http://www.sephora.com/

Ornaments with perfume and makeup by Victoria's Secret.  Who could want more than an adorable ornament that is filled with mini stuff?  Each for only $10 and found at http://www.victoriassecret.com/

Sephora Sparkle Pop Up Brush.  This limited edition pop up brush by Sephora fits perfectly in your purse.  When you open it up it features a mirror and a brush.  When closed it's a blinged out compact.  Perfect for the girl who loves a bit of sparkle!  $8 http://www.sephora.com/

Marc Jacobs Solid Perfume Jewelry.  These super cute pieces of jewelry open up to reveal a solid perfume by Marc Jacobs.  Available in bracelets and rings this is a great stocking stuff.  For the modern, flirtatious and fun!  http://www.sephora.com/ $40-42 each. 

Sephora Boo Boo Bling.  This is a really fun way to deck out your bandage!  Add bling to your band aid for a bit of sparkle and fun.  $6 each.  http://www.sephora.com/

Beauty Blender.  This is the first sponge of it's kind that is not only aerodynamic but it is Eco friendly too.  Designed to be cleaned with the cleanser that it comes with, you are never throwing away sponges again.  And helping the environment in the meantime!  The Beauty Blender also comes with an instruction disc so that you can master the technique in no time!  $34.95.  Found at http://www.sephora.com/.

Myrabelle Mascara Shield.  Are you constantly getting mascara on your lids or on the skin in your lower lash line?  Then this handy little tool, used by makeup artists, can help you to avoid that.  This tool is also good for catching fall out from glitter and eyeshadows.  $8.99 found at http://www.paintandpowderstore.com/

Gift Certificates.  Don't know what exactly to get but you know where she likes to shop?  Get a gift certificate!  Now a days these are offered by nearly every store in a small cute scannable card.  Why not do a themed stocking.  Like a spa day one.  Give her a gift certificate for a makeover, massage, pedi/mani, to Sephora and include a few things that go along with the theme.  Like fluffy cozy socks, or any of the items above.  She will love to go shopping and extend the excitement of the gift!  And hit the after Christmas sales! 

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

HOLIDAY Gift Certificates are Here! Aren't they cute?

My Holiday Gift Certificates are here!  And I am doing special wrapping just for the holidays!  Gift certificates are great for the girl that has everything or you want to get something that is extra special and unique.  Here are some Gift Certificate ideas:

1 Hr Private Lesson $65.  Perfect for anyone that wants to learn about makeup at any level and any age.

Makeup Application $45, add $10 for False eyelashes.  Know someone that is going to the prom or winter formal soon?  A bridesmaid?  Something special for an anniversary?

Bridal Makeup $85 for the bride and $45 for each member of the wedding party.  $10 for false eyelashes per person.  This is great if you want to get something helpful and special for that gorgeous bride to be!  Additional fees may be incurred.  Please call for a bridal quote.

Workshops $125- $225 for up to 5 people.  This is great for that teen who wants to host a workshop/ party for her and her friends.  What a fun way to learn about the latest trends and impress her Friends!  This is also great for adults that want to have a fun girl's night in!

Girl's night out $180 for up to 4 people.  Includes makeup application on up to 4 people before the ladies hit the town in style!  False eyelashes can be included for $10 per person. 

Goody bag and a lesson!  Pricing will vary, please get a quote.  This is perfect if you have no idea what to get but you know your wife/ daughter/ girlfriend etc likes makeup.  I will hand pick eyeshadows, lipstick, liners, skin care, primers etc.  Whatever you want in your budget.  And gift wrap it along with a gift certificate for a 1 hour lesson to learn how to use it all.  Products have to be ordered, so notice is encouraged. 

Gift Certificates can be custom made based on what you would like to do.  Call or message me for more information and ideas.

*Each Gift Certificate is wrapped in a natural brown handled bag with a professional business sticker and playful tissue paper.  Style may differ depending on the occasion. 

Extras:  I can include brand new products from MAC cosmetics, Mary Kay and Make Up Forever at the retail price.  I will do the leg work for you.  You can tell me what to include or I can help you with that.  This is helpful especially for those hubby's out there:) 

**Please note that I offer services in the Folsom CA area.  Weddings can be arranged for travel.  Everything else is in my home studio.

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