Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Upcoming Changes to the Blog!

Glamourviews is going through some changes right now.  So don't be alarmed and think you went to the wrong place!  It's getting all new graphics, banners, buttons and more.  Even a new name!  That's right!  I am coordinating the blog brand to the business brand so that it all goes together nicely.  I will also be adding new types of blog posts, so it won't all be about beauty.  Some of the new posts may include organizing, DIY, and decorating tips.  As well as some stuff for Mom's, group challenges and giveaways.  But the main focus will still be beauty with the biggest emphasis on Makeup Artistry.  So stay tuned for all of these exciting things! The biggest help I can get from you now is to share this blog with people you know so that I can reach my goal of 100 readers!  There will also be a Pinterest button installed on the blog so that you can share the pictures and ideas.  But for now you can use your own installed Pin It button on your browser.  Thank you everyone for you support!  XOXO

Check out my PRO Makeup Artist website here!

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