Friday, February 24, 2012

De-Stick Sticky Lipgloss

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Happy Friday everyone!  Don't you find it crazy annoying when your lipgloss is super sticky?  I do!  Especially when the wind is blowing or when I want to kiss my babies.  Or when I'm taking a drink and that awful sticky film won't wash off the cup.  I think your hubby's or boyfriends will agree with this too. 

But lipgloss, especially the sticky ones (most shine) look so amazing!  I am a self professed lipgloss-oholic.  I can't live without it!  Well here's a quick little tip for you that you will love!

Rub and ice cube around your sticky lips and this will dilute the gooeyness. 

Did this work for you?  Do you have any tips and tricks you would like to share?  Comment below!

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