Monday, February 27, 2012

How I Curl My Hair - Date Night Version

Scroll down for the how to video!

Good morning my darlings!  I put together a video tutorial for you based on requests on how I curl my hair.  This version is for dressier days, not so much formal, but for when you go out with your girlfriends, date night, or for whatever floats your boat.  It's a really simple technique but a bit repetitive since you have to curl smaller sections all over your head.  I don't claim to be a licensed hairstylist, this is just how I do it.

Here's what you will need:
1" Curling Iron
Setting Spray, I used Sebastian Shine and Define
Teasing comb
Clips to section your hair
Hairspray if you need it
And that's it!

The Notes:
1.Take down hair from the nape of your head and pile the rest up on the top with clips.
2.Separate this section in two.  Spray setting spray on one section, then split in two.  Curl both sections.
3.Repeat on the other side.
4.Take down hair on the sides, pile rest up and clip.
5.Spray one side, make 2-3 sections and curl each one separately.  Repeat on the other side.
6.Take a section from the back, tease, spray, separate in 2 and curl each new section. 
7.Repeat further to the front of the hair.
8.Your final section in the front is separated by your part.  Spray, curl, repeat.
9.Play around with your curls and separate them till you get your desired look.
10.Finish off with hair spray if you have a hard time keeping a curl.
And you are done!

Here's the how to video:

To watch in a bigger screen, after pressing play, click on the YouTube logo to watch in YouTube. Or click here.
To get the makeup look that I am wearing in the video, check it out here.
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