Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Makeup Tips from a Three Year Old

Yep, that little one belongs to me!

 I turn my back for just a few minutes and BAM! I've got a crazy mess on my hands. My 3 year old gets into her brother's Desitin and apply's her "makeup".  And not to mention that big box of wipes she pulled out in her attempt to cover up what she did. That's what she told me she was doing. How in the world could I get mad at that?  I couldn't help but laugh. Which was just more encouraging to her. I asked her what her method was and she says this. "I put my lips on, and my cheeks on. I'm a Princess." Simple techniques from a hilarious 3 year old. I also noticed that she has some mad highlighting skills with Desitin applied on the bridge of her nose and on her forehead. She is definitely a girl after my heart!

Enjoy the simple things and have a good laugh!  XOXO

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