Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Three Section False Eyelash Technique

Scroll down for the how to video!

When you are first learning how to apply false eyelashes, especially strips, it can be a very frustrating experience.  Maybe it didn't stick properly on the corners.  Or you didn't get it perfectly on the lash line.  There are many kinds of issues that can happen.  So here is an easy way to get those lashes on perfectly.

 If one corner starts to lift, you just rework that section and leave the others alone.  And by working one section at a time this gives you greater control on how close and acurately you get the lashes on.

This technique may take a little longer to prep since you are cutting, and then glueing each section.  But the time it saves in having to keep redoing the work will save you a headache. 

What you will need:
Lashes of your choice
Eyelash Glue (I like to use Duo found at most drug and retail stores like Target)
Small pair of sissors

The Cliff Notes:
1. Take your lash off of the container.
2. Measure the lash on your eye and determine if you need to trim to fit your eye.  Cut where needed. (Tip, cut on the outer edge of the lash, not the inner lash.)
3. After you have trimmed, if needed, cut the lash in 1/3's. 
4. Glue each peice with a thin strip of lash glue and place glue side up back on the carton to get tacky. (Tip: Make sure you place your lashes back in order so you don't get confused.  Start with the inner first, then middle, then outer.)
5. By the time you have each sectioned glued, the first section should be tacky.  If not, blow on it for a few seconds or wave it in the air.
6. Start with the inner corner and place it where you want it.  Pat down gently with the end of an eyeshadow brush or an orange stick.
7. Repeat with the middle, then the outer.
8. Repeat these steps on the other eye.
And your done!

To learn the traditional way, check out this video here.

If you don't want to do the cutting part yourself you can also look into Shu Uemura's Slim Partial's $13.00 and found at most department stores, since they already have done it for you. 

Check out the how to video below!

Get the amazing lashes shown in the top photo at Eyelashes Online.

The lashes that I used are the Red Cherry #747M found at Madame Madeline.

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