Sunday, January 29, 2012

Attention Past Brides - Dust Off Your Wedding Dress and Get a Redo of Wedding Photos FREE!

That's right, you heard me!  Dust off your dress and all of your accessories and get a second change at being a bride without all the wedding hassles for FREE!  This is a trade for shoot which means you get the professional services and photos for free in exchange for permission for the professionals to use the photos for promotional purpose only.  These will not be for sale. 

Maybe you just loved your dress so much you want to wear it again, or you didn't get the pictures you hoped for from your photographer, or maybe you just want to relive wearing that costly dress you only got to wear once.  There will be a professional hair stylist, makeup artist, and photographer to capture you in your gown.  You can even get your Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid's, Flower Girl, Mother, or Hubby in on it.  Have them bring their attire they wore.  Some fun ideas for this shoot:

Trash the dress:
Paint, chocolate, Folsom Lake, Rainbow Bridge (American River), classic car wash with hubby, underwater, cake throwing, water fountain, ketchup and mustard (picnic).


Just silly fun with your girl's

Lost your pictures?  Get a second chance.

Trash the dress (we can even get gory here if you want).

Be a model for the day


We are looking for all ages, shapes, colors etc.  It is not limited.  We want the real world girl here!  So if you think you can't model, don't be afraid to apply!  We will help you!  If your dress is ancient (IE 80's) we will probably not do a serious shoot but a Trash the Dress would be recommended or something else fun.

You must be able to provide your own dress, veil, accessories etc.  Also you must be able to provide or help provide props for the concept we agree on.  You must be able to travel to Folsom CA during the week for the shoot. 

To be considered, please message me on or send an email to .  Send a picture of you, preferably in your dress and any other information such as your ideas for the shoot, contact info, and when you are available.  We will be in contact shortly after that.  The weather here has been so amazing that we will be shooting in the next few weeks.  For a limited time this offer is for FREE in exchange for usage of the pictures.  You will be asked to sign a waiver of liability.  We will likely only do 10 of these shoots.  So why not tell your other married friends and let them know of this special event!

**This event is extended to photographers, hair stylists, and models that would like to boost their portfolios.  MODELS MUST HAVE YOUR OWN DRESS, VEIL, AND ACCESSORIES. 

Not valid for actual wedding date.  This is for promotional use only.

Photo above:
Model: Naomi
Hair: Carrie B. Mac Hair
Photographer: Donna Beck
Makeup: Michelle Kinkaid

See my PRO Makeup Artist website here!


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