Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here She Comes Miss America 2012! Get her Makeup Look!

DO:  Wear waterproof mascara anytime you think you might cry, sweat or get your makeup wet for any reason.  This was a big faux pax of the new Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler, Miss Wisconsin.  However we will over look this big makeup mess and take a look at her beautiful makeup from before the tears.  Well, actually this is after the tears, just touched back up:)

Awe, now that is better.  This gorgeous beauty won the coveted title of Miss America and now will be spending the next year living out of a suite case and supporting worthy causes.  Being a makeup artist I can't help but pay more attention to the makeup.  Laura is very dark haired and choose a black dress, which looked amazing on her.  But surprisingly she choose to wear very dark makeup too.  Which I felt was maybe a tad bit too much.  However, the technique is very pretty.  I just would have done this look with a more neutral dress or maybe softened up the look for this beautiful black one. 

It looks as if she went for a matte black smokey eye the comes up above her natural crease and blended softly near the brow bone.  Heavy black liner is on the top and bottom lash lines including the waterline.  And she definitely is sporting some thick false eyelashes.  She did well to balance out the eyes with a softer lip and cheek.  I am giving her some credit that she does need it to be a bit darker for television.  I like the peachy rose color that she choose.  My overall thought is that although pretty it's a bit much for a 23 year old, the dark hair and dark dress. 

This look is easy to achieve, just use the smokey eye technique in a very black matte shadow.  Pair up with a peachy lip gloss and blush.  And, BAM!  You look like Miss America.  Just don't forget the waterproof mascara!  PLEASE!

Photos courtesy of Scott Harrison http://www.harrisonphotos.com/.

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