Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 - The Best Year Ever!!

I am really looking forward to 2012.  I know that this year will be even better then 2011 and I have so many exciting things planned!  2011 was an incredible year for my Makeup Artist Business.  Here are my highlights of 2011:

1. I did more photoshoots and weddings then ever.
2. Published in Bay Fashion Magazine's largest ever Swim Suit Edition.
3. My first ever Satellite Media Tour.
4. Makeup for Kennie's Doll Spring and Summer's lines.
5. Record number of workshops and private lessons.
6. Became a PRO member with MAC Cosmetics and Make Up Forever.
7. Started to do a few video tutorials to help my followers learn more makeup tips.
8. Posted consistently on my blog providing tips, reviews, and tutorials.
9. Finally started marketing my business with huge support on Facebook (almost 300 fans in one year!), YouTube and my blog.  Also I received incredible reviews on Yelp and the Wedding Wire Network. 
10.  As seen on,,,,, and now!
11. Built an incredible portfolio and made so many new friends along the way with hairstylists, photographers, and models. 
12. Brand new gorgeous website

Wow!  I look back on that list and I think "I really made some headway this year.  That is amazing!".  I am really really proud of this and I thank you for all your support and love along the way.    Now it's onward to 2012 and I know this year will trump 2011.  Some of my goals for the New Year are:

1. Become Airbrush Certified.  (My class starts Jan 8th and 9th in LA!  I am soooo excited!)
2. Offer Hair Services and be a one stop place for my Brides.  I've partnered up with Carrie B. Mac Hair and she is amazing.  Simple styling will be done by me as I get more fully trained.
3. Become a Makeup Artist Pro member and attend the largest Makeup Artist show in the country, IMATS, in June.
4. Do more weddings and photoshoots then what I did in 2011.
5. Get published 2 more times.
6. Do more workshops and private lessons.
7. More marketing and networking for my Makeup Artist and Hair business.
8. Learn more and gain more experience though classes and on the job learning.
9. Post consistently on YouTube - once or twice a week, to teach more tutorials in a visual kind of way.
10.  Post consistently on my blog offering more to the readers.  3-4 times a week.
11.  Post tips of the week, product deals, sneak peaks, and more on Facebook.
12. Get more followers on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and my Blog

For 2012 I basically want to do more of the same.  And get more education and offer more services.  I am really looking forward to a successful year!  Here's to everyone for a successful and prosperous 2012!

Check out my PRO Makeup Artist website here!

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