Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Red Lips for your Wedding Day? YES!

One of my favorite wedding day looks includes red lips.  It is just so timeless and classic if done right.  Make sure your eyes are toned down my using lighter neutral colors.  Add a bit of bold by winging out your black eyeliner and adding thinker false eyelashes.  Marilyn Monroe did the red lip look so perfect.  So use her as your inspiration.  Some woman will pair up the look with vintage hair styling.  But as you can see here a soft long romantic look works well too. 

Red comes in so many shades.  For a wedding look go for a subdued red unless you are ultra daring and can pull off a bright red.  Typically warmer toned skin looks better in orange based reds and lighter or cooler tones look best with a blue toned red.  I have blue eyes and medium toned skin.  So my best red is a raspberry or blue toned shade of red.  Red is also very pigmented and typically in the matte range.  That means it can dry out your lips and wear off in some areas more quickly then others and it can be noticeable.  Use a lipgloss for extra moisture and be sure to take the tube of lipstick with you in your bag for touch ups later. 

To avoid getting red lipstick on your teeth a trick from movie stars is to rub a thin layer of Vaseline along your teeth.  The key here is a THIN layer!  You do not want to have goopy teeth.  If you mess up when applying to your lips, simply use some concealer on a concealing brush to erase your mistakes and get a perfect line.  Finish off with a bit of lipgloss just in the center of your lips.  And Va Va voom you have gorgeous red lips!

Click here for another red lip look!

Photographer: Jon with Dae Photography
Hair: Sammie Fae (self)
Makeup Artist: Michelle Kinkaid - www.michellekinkaidmakeup.com
Location: Palladio Mall, Folsom CA
Model: Sammie Fae

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