Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Choose the Right Eyeshadow for your Eye Color

Although I don't believe in "rules" for Makeup Artistry, since it is "artistry", there are some guidelines to follow for the best possible way to make your eyes pop.  Typically a contrasting shade, not a similar shade, is best.  For example, blue eyes with blue eyeshadow don't offer that "wow" effect in making the blue eyes stand out amongst the color.  Instead the eyes kind of gets swallowed up in the color of the lid and just looks more blue.  Brown eyes have the most choices being a neutral color.  Jewel tones are also amazing on browns.  

Colory Theory:
Without going too indepth about Color Theory, the simplest way to put it is that any three colors next to each other are related colors.  While the colors directly opposite each other are complimentary.  To enhance your eye color choose related colors - similar shades will intensify it's color.  On the opposite spectrum, make your eye color "pop" with dramatic contrast choosing complimentary colors.  For example, orange is the opposite for blue on the color wheel.  So an eyeshadow with an orange tint such as a coppery color will make them really stand out. 

Here are the guidelines to follow for your eye color:

Complimentary-Taupes, warm browns, soft peaches, copper, ocher, terracotta
Related- Navy Blue
Complimentary -Golden red browns, warm taupes, deep and soft purples, wines, burgundy
Related - Moss green
Complimentary -Brown does not have a complimentary color.  But most colors look amazing.  Bring out the gold in brown by choosing soft browns with a golden tint.  Purples and greens look stunning on browns.
Related - Chocolates
Complimentary- Blue, violet, purple, red tones like burgundy.
Related- Olive, gold, emerald green, and orange tones.

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