Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Z Palette - Brand Review

As many of you may have figured out I have a weee bit of an addiction to makeup.  Especially to MAC.  I had palettes upon palettes of MAC Cosmetics 15 pan eyeshadow palettes and they just kept on stacking up.  Not to mention my blush habit.  Ugh. 

When I heard about the Z Palette, created by Makeup Artist Zena Shteysel, I just knew this would solve many of my issues with having just too much, without having to sacrifice one single shadow.  Z Palettes don't have any separators in the palette, allowing much more room.  And allowing different size and shape pans to go together in one place. 

Another great feature is the see thru window so that you can see what color palette you have without having to write on it.  I also love that it is magnetized, and eco friendly.  And the super cute prints are to die for.  Zebra, hot pink, cheetah, you can't go wrong. 

I choose the Black Pro Palettes.  The Pro palette gives you just a little more space and room for a brush if you choose.  As you can see in mine, I have 4 rows of MAC eyeshadows and one small row of a few Mary Kay shadows I had.  They were the only ones that would fit in that small space.  But, hey, I got a packed palette.  The MAC palette only held 15, now with the Z Palette I have 28 in one palette. 

I also love that I can fit these palettes perfectly in a makeup bag that I got from (shown in top pic).  I can get 8 of them in there nice and tight and they won't float around in my makeup kit. 

They are a bit spendy.  $28 each for the Pro, $20 for the large, $14 for the small.  But well worth the investment for a life of simplicity.   Check them out

Check out my PRO Makeup Artist website here!


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