Friday, March 09, 2012

Get Your Wise Buys...

While out on an ice cream run with the family ($1 scoop nights at Baskin Robbins!) we decided to take a last minute stop into the new Wise Buys Liquidators that just opened up in our neighborhood.  Since it's $9.98 or less we were hoping to find some great deals unlike the Dollar Stores. 

When we first walked in it was your typical sodas and chips, toilet papers, light bulbs etc.  All by the way had incredible prices!  But to my surprise they had a fashion section!  And with some pretty nice stuff.  I instantly started taking pics with my Instagram app and knew I had to write about this.

Some of my favorite finds were the stilettos pictured above.  $9.98!  I couldn't believe it!  And an adorable floral skirt perfect for summer.  There was a James Dean wooden purse in different shapes that were so cute.  They had jean shorts, hats, purses.  Even a fancy fanny pack shown above on the mannequin.  I strangely liked it.  I wonder if they will make a comeback?   If they do I still don't think I could stomach it. 

And of course some home decor, my fave being the Marilyn poster that was mounted on a wood board.  I think I will get that for my new studio. 

Go check them out!  Maybe you will find a Wise Buy that will make your day!

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