Friday, March 02, 2012

Dollar Store False Eyelashes - Yay or Nay?

While on a fun shopping day with my daughter, we decided to stop by the 99 Cent store to get her a toy.  I love to check out the beauty section and to see what little gems I could find.  And this was my lucky day!  To my surprise I found a wide array of false eyelashes for less then a $1 each!!  But are they good?  I purchased one of everything they had.  I figured, why not?  They are only a dollar each.  I'm sure I can use them in different ways other then lashes if they looked terrible.

Moving on to our girl's night out.  I decided that this was a good time to give them a try.  I went with the S1 lash.  They looked like a glammed up version of a natural lash.  I noticed right away the the lash was not real human hair, but a synthetic.  That's ok.  I just would never put these on a bride or for something very special.  But for being a synthetic they were very light.  And they looked great on.  Good shape, good length, great feel.

Removal of the lash from it's container was effortless and of course with my DUO glue it stuck on my lash line fabulously all night long.  I asked everyone what they thought and they thought they were real.  I'll go with that!  

Overall, I say, why not?  These lashes are super fun to play with and for the investment you won't be loosing out.  And you won't feel bad about throwing them away after one application. 

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