Monday, October 11, 2010

Questions Answered!

Hi everyone!  I got a few questions on Facebook about where to buy the makeup I use.  I use all sorts of brands, expensive to cheap and go everywhere to get it.  But the main staples that I have are these:

1. Palettes.  I get the big ones from They are very inexpensive for what you get and the makeup works awesome.  My top picks to buy are the 88 color palettes.  There are 4 of them.  Colorful shimmer, colorful matte/satin, metal mania, and warm palette.  They are well worth the investment.

2. NYX cosmetics.  Another inexpensive brand.  They sell a limited supply at Ulta.  But I buy it mostily from because they have the entire line and great prices.  My favs from them are the 10 eyeshadow Runway palettes, Mega Shine lipgloss, fake eyelashes, glitter eyeliners (w/ the tassles), and the pigments.

3.  I LOVE MAC cosmetics.  Go to Nordstrom instead of the pro store.  Although the pro store has the biggest selection, Nordstrom has a good enough one and the return policy and customer care is best.  I love their eyeshadows and lipglosses.  But I can get them thru NYX and Coastal Scents for so much cheaper.  I LOVE the Paint Pots, gel eyeliner, Opulash mascara, lipsticks, pro longwear foundation, and the Mineralize skin finish.  My advice is to spend money on a the face stuff, save on the color.

4.  I also buy a lot from retail stores such as Walmart and Target.  The brushes by Sonia Kusack are great and reasonalbly priced.  Walmart had these great HD brushes for so inexpensive.  I like mascaras from Loreal.  Lip Stains from Cover Girl. 

So there is a start.  When I post a tutorial using items other then what is above I will make a special note.  My hope is to soon do video tutorials, I am working on it.   Hope this helps!

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