Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Organize Like a Kardashian!

Have you wondered like I did that in many of the Keeping up with the Kardashian episodes all of the girls have this amazing acrylic organizer?  It is simply amazing and I want one!!!  Here is a link to the Kardashian Makeup Organizer to see what I am talking about.

So I started to do a bit of research to find this beautiful makeup organizer.  After a ton of digging around I found it at  I was so excited untill I went to the order page.  There is no way my husband is going to let me buy a $290 makeup organizer.  Sigh.  But I LOVE it!  Sigh.  Can you see me pouting?  I started thinking of some alternatives.  In my garage I had these two Rubbermaid 3 drawer organizers and cleaned them up and put all my makeup in it.  Yeah!  It looked great and I didn't spend a penny. 

You could get them at Target for $11.99 each.  A small cry from the $290 one.  It doesn't look as pretty but it does the job.  But quickly I found out it just isn't large enough for my insane collection;  My husband teases me that we should get insurance on all of it in case the house burns down.  So I set out to Target to see what my options were. 

On sale this week for only $13.99 (reg $17.99) they had a big (wider and deeper than the ones I had in my garage) organizer with one large drawer on the bottom.  That would be perfect for taller items such as brush cleaner, shimmer lotions etc.  Then there were 4 regular sized drawers, perfect for palettes, lip glosses etc.  Also in the Target $1 section they had 3 packs of plastic bins.  And they fit in nicely.  More organization in your organization!  I think I will put the old ones under the counter and this new one on top.  This my friends is my super beauty deal!!  By far the best price for what you get.

Now if you only have a few items to organize I found some great options for you too.  Also at Target they had these cute stackable bins that lock together with a handle on top for travel.  You can't go wrong at only $7.99 each.

If you just don't have the space for an organizer but you do have drawers you can use I suggest using silverware drawer organizers!  Usually they will fit any drawer and are perfect for seperating pencils, lip glosses, you name it!  Target again had some good prices.

If you are in Love with the acrylic design like me and don't want to put a plastic organizer on you bathroom counter,  I found some cheaper alternatives. 
7 Drawer Acrylic Case from Amazon

Hope that helps you find what you need.  I will do my next posting hopefully today showing you what I ended up doing for my organization.  Maybe I will attempt to do a video blog!