Friday, March 11, 2011

Brand Review - Mary Kay Cosmetics

When you say Mary Kay Cosmetics, what comes to mind?  Some would think, MLM company, makeup for old people, or maybe, the reps are inexperienced.  But when you do a search on the Internet, they were the number one selling makeup brand in America.  That is pretty impressive!  There is no secret that I am a supporter of Direct Sales companies.  I sell Guy and Eva Jewelry.  Used to sell Premier Designs.  I've promoted and purchased Miche Bags, Stella and Dot, Juice Plus, and Tahitian Noni.  So why did I have this stigma placed on Mary Kay?  Perhaps it is my undying loyalty to MAC Cosmetics.  Or my fear of what I think people might think.  My amazing Massage Therapist, Melissa Beasley, sells Mary Kay.  Every time I came in for a massage her Mary Kay catalogs were in the waiting room.  I would thumb through and I became impressed with the way they presented the products.  The catalog looks more like a small fashion magazine and gave tons of great tips on how to apply makeup.  As a makeup artist, I fell in love with this.  I like to learn new things and I believe this is extremely helpful for customers that have no idea on how to apply the makeup they just purchased.  Every catalog has new looks.  You can cut them out and put them in a binder for future reference.  Their website is also impressive, offering makeup artist looks, option to purchase, trends, makeovers, ecatalog, budget beauty, and editor pics.  This is definitely not an "old person" company!  This is for woman of any age who are hip, young or young at heart, on trend, and are eager to learn and look their best!  Ok, I'm convinced to give it a try.  I purchased a range of products from Melissa to test.  I did this several months ago.  So I have given it time to really get an idea how I like these products or don't like them.  Here's what I tested:

Eye Primer:  This product is essential for anyone to provide the lids of the eyes an even textured area to apply eyeshadow.  Primer hydrates, smooths, and absorbs oil.  Making eyeshadow go on and blend easier and last way longer.  After trying out this product I recommend it to people with dry or oily lids.  Overall I felt it did what it was supposed to do.  And at a more affordable price then other primers.  A little bit goes a very long way.  In fact, less is more.  Just apply a very thin layer.  This tube will last you a LONG time! $12

Medium Coverage Foundation:  I felt that this product provided a nice coverage without going too heavy.  I would use it with a translucent powder instead of the Mineralize ones.  The range of colors was great.  There is sure to be a color for everyone.  $15

Concealers:  This is probably my favorite item from Mary Kay and I use this in my makeup kit for customers.  The consistency is thin enough and thick enough to give the right amount of coverage without pulling or drying out the eyes.  Or looking too cakey.  The colors are simple and universal and they also have a Yellow corrector, which is great for dark circles.  And makes the eyes appear less red.  $10

Mineral Powder Foundation:  I am not a big fan of loose powders mostly because of the mess they cause and the chance of applying too much product.  This foundation is no exception.  I didn't care too much for the color choices.  They were all a little too pink.  85% of woman are going to have yellowy tons and try to minimize the pink in their faces.  Unless you have porcelain skin I wouldn't go with this.  $18

Ultimate Mascara:  Hands down, everyone go out and get this.  I used to use eyelash growth serum which I discontinued about 10 months ago.  I have been getting TONS of compliments on the length of
 my lashes since using this mascara.  I don't believe this mascara contains any growth enhancers.  But WOW, what a difference.  Maybe it's a coincidence?  Who cares.  Go and get it!  $15

Mineral Cheek Color:  Nothing too special here, but a nice color rage and it applies nicely.  $10

Cream Lipstick: Again, nothing too special here.  Goes on nice, color ranges are pretty.  Lasts a decent amount of time.  $13

Time Wise Miracle Set:  I really liked this skin care routine.  The cleanser goes a long way and foams up really well and takes off makeup gently and effectively.  They treatments felt good on my skin, but I am not sure I saw a ton of difference in the condition in my skin.  But I would say there was improvement.  Especially if you take into consideration that it is not a pharmaceutical grade product.  The lotion felt like it had the perfect amount of moisture in for my skin.  I would recommend this.  $90

Satin Lips Set:  I have actually used this for many years.  The mask is a great exfoliant and the balm feels great and leaves your lips so soft.   Highly recommend this set!  $18

There are other products I am interested in with Mary Kay.  They are coming out with a new Face Primer and a new line of Time Wise Foundations. I would also like to check out the makeup compact and eyeshadows.  Overall I feel like this company offers a quality product at reasonable prices and it helps women and supports charities.  Its a winning solution all around.  So I decided to sign up with the company so I can try more products and offer a discount to my subscribers and myself.  Fans or Subscribers can purchase any Mary Kay products from me at 25% off.   Just contact me and let me know what you want.  Take a look at the Ecatalog here.  Get more details on my Promotions tab! 

Here's a Makeup Tutorial using Mary Kay Cosmetics!  Check it out:

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