Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brand Review - BH Cosmetics

I heard about bhcosmetics from many good reviews and amazing tutorials of other makeup artists on YouTube.  Everyone boasted about how great the product was for the price and how many looks you can achieve from a single palette.  So of course I hopped onto their site and ordered the 3 120 color palettes they offered.  Because I was in desperate need of more eyeshadow colors, especially 360 more shades.   Come on now, for a makeup junkie this is an amazing fix!  For a mere $75 (I got a special promo for buying all three) I feel that this is certainly a real bargain.  Think how much MAC costs, $14.95 a piece!  But was the product good?  How was the customer service?  I was pleasantly surprised to get my palettes in just a few days from ordering.  Each palette was packaged in a protective sleeve and bubble wrapped.  When I took off the sleeve a beautiful shinny black heavy palette appeared.  Love the first impressions.  I opened up the lid and WOW!  All of these bright gorgeous colors had me in a daze.  Oh the possibilities!  I was getting really excited!  In the inside of the palette are two separate palettes housing 60 colors each.  And each one of the palettes has different colors.  Some may look like duplicates but when you swatch them they are slightly different or there is a different finish.  The colors appeared highly pigmented and easy to apply.  Some where more difficult then others.  Overall I would say for the cost this is the perfect product to have on hand for practise and to try out of the ordinary looks.  You really can get creative with the color range available.  And each pan of color was a generous amount.  You will have this for a long time!  Go and get it!  Free shipping with orders over $50!  I am loving this company!

Here's a tip on how to remember what color you used for future reference since they don't have names.  Flip over the palette and write numbers using a colored Sharpy. 

P.S. Check out my video tutorial series featuring this product coming in the next few days!