Face Charts

These face charts may be from past MAC collections, but the techniques and color co ordinations are still ahead of their time.  If you can't get the product the chart calls for, just improvise.  If the color in the picture looks like a deep blue, then use a deep blue that you already have.  The goal is to practice and get creative.  If you are unsure what the color used is or insist on using exactly what is called, I suggest trying to find the product used on Ebay if MAC doesn't carry it anymore.  Or go to your nearest MAC counter and they can match up the next best thing.  Often, MAC may get rid of something or have Limited Editions, only for them to recreate the product under a different name.  To get a larger view of the face chart just click on it and it will open in a separate window for you to print.  Post your efforts in the comment box below!


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