Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Shopping for the Girl Who Loves All Things Beauty Part 4: Gift Certificates

Sometimes buying makeup and beauty items for someone else can be a very personal thing.  What one person likes the other not so much.  So if you are getting a gift for the girl who has everything or is so hard to shop for, Gift Certificates are a great option.  Here are some of my favorite ideas for Gift certificates:

Massage:  In this stressful world these days everyone could use a massage to work out those kinks.  One massage could be up to $85.  But why not get a package of massages and save a bit of money in the long run?  Not to mention, knowing that she has more to fall back on when the going gets tough is good to have!  If you're local, my go to massage therapist is Melissa Beasley.  She's amazing!  You can contact her at 530-409-7579.

Waxing: This one is a bit more practical since it's not exactly relaxing.  But in this economy it's rough and a girl still needs to get that bikini done and those eyebrows groomed.  This is also good as a single service or a package deal.  See if you can do some snooping around to find out who she goes to currently.  If not, try out European Wax Centers at  They are everywhere and have really good prices.

Spa Services:  Choose one service or go all out with a full on day package.  Get her a pedi/mani, facial, massage, hair and makeup, and a body treatment.  Or you can pick just a few.  No matter what she will be thrilled with this one!

CND Shellac Nails or Minx:  These are new trends to hit the nail scene.  She'll be surprised you ever thought of this.  Check out and for Salons that offer this service. 

Night on the Town:  Get creative with your Gift Certificate.  Make it a big event by putting all the elements together for a spectacular night out with her man or the girl's.  Include makeup and hairstyling, a gift card to her favorite store for a new outfit, and a card telling her where she is going.  She will look and feel fabulous for a much needed night out to let loose and have some fun.

Mall Shopping Sprees:  Everyone envisions winning that shopping spree that was being promoted on the radio.  You imagine yourself running crazy through the stores, grabbing what you can.  What would you get?  Well you can recreate that experience by getting a Gift Certificate to your local mall!  Go to the Mall's Customer Service or Concierge counter.  Set your dollar amount and her card is good at any store in the mall.  Just for fun, set her a time limit!

Gift Cards: Don't want to get a mall gift card?  Go to her favorite stores and get a gift card.  What's even more fun is to get one where she normally doesn't shop but would love to.  Like Coach, Burberry or Tiffany's.  They will wrap it up for you in a cute box.  And she will be so happy to indulge in something she normally wouldn't do.

Hair Services:  Go to her stylist and get her a cut and color, or a deep conditioning.  Some new fun services hair stylists are offering are colored extensions, feathers and bling in your hair.  Or get her a lesson on how to best style her own hair.  All are really fun!

Makeup Artistry Lessons:  Ok, so I know I am a bit biased with this one being a Makeup Artist.  But it is truly a fun experience to have your makeup done.  Or have someone show you how to do your makeup.  Workshops for her and her friends are a great girl's night out option.  No matter what it's a great idea and she will be thankful for it!  Here's my shameless plug:  Check out this blog post for Makeup Artist Gift Certificate ideas:)

Well I hope that helps!  It's the end of my gift giving series.  But do stay tuned for my next blog post for the Makeup Artist's Ultimate Wish List.    Happy gift giving to you!!

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