Monday, July 25, 2011

Video Tutorial - How to Fix Broken Eyeshadows and Blushes

In this video I show you how to easily and quickly fix broken powdered eye shadows, blushes or even facial powders.  This technique is sanitary and simple to do. 

You will need:
70% or higher rubbing alcohol
Syringe or dropper
Sandwich bag

The Steps:
1. Place a few drops of rubbing alcohol directly to the effected area. 
2. Carefully place eyeshadow pan in the sandwich bag and push to the corner.
3. Place the quarter on top of the bag and press firmly to press the eyeshadow back to form.
4. Set eyeshadow to the side to dry.

That's it!  It is so simple!  And it saves you a ton of money.  Please comment and SUBSCRIBE to all my channels!

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