Thursday, June 23, 2011

Video Tutorial, Getting Crafty with Makeup - How to Depot your Lipsticks and Organize them!

In this video tutorial I show you step by step how you can easily depot your lipsticks and melt them in individual containers for easy storage and organization.  This method is great for both Makeup Artists and the regular woman.  Since each of the lipsticks are in individual containers with lids you can easily take one with you in your purse with a retractable lip brush.  For Makeup Artists you can easily see all of your colors and the name and brand of the lipstick in this palette form.  This saves you time and frustration trying to find that certain lip color in a basket full of mess. 

I also give you other ideas on how you can store your lipsticks: 
Aluminum pans in a palette - You simply melt only the inner parts of the lipstick on a flat iron set at 200 degrees.  Use a piece of wax paper to protect the flat iron and the pan.  Turn off the flat iron to let the pan cool.  Do not remove it while it is still liquefied.  It is best you do about 3-4 at a time.  When they are dry just place in a palette.  I got mine at

Stack able bead containers - You can find these at Michael's stores.  Go to to find a store near you.  To do this method it is exactly the same as my preferred method shown on the video.  The only difference is that there is only one lid for the whole stack and they screw into each other.  So this isn't a great system for someone that is not a Makeup Artist.

Pill Box - Found at drugstores everywhere.  This is a cheap alternative.  It's actually a very simple and fast process but not the prettiest.  Simply gut out your lipsticks and place each color in a section.  Once filled, place in the microwave for 1 minute.  Cool.

My Preferred Method - Bead containers with lids in a flat box.  Holds 24 containers.  I purchased this at Michael's.  It was $9.99 but with my 40% coupon I got it for $6.51 including Tax.  You can get your 40% coupon by signing up for email deals on their website.  I also got the spatula there for only $.79.

You will need:
Cotton swabs
Hair Dryer
Rubbing alcohol
Hand Sanitizer
Clean towel
Paper towels
Bead container of choice

How to do this project:
1.Clean and sterilize your hands, containers and spatula.
2.Take off the sticker from the lipstick and place on the bottom of the bead container.  You can also do this after the lipstick has cooled in the container.  Use tape if it seems to be loose.
3.Push off the top of your lipstick till is slides a bit and use the spatula to place it in the bead container.
4.Scoop out the inners of the lipstick with the spatula and place in the bead container.
5.Use the highest settings on your hair dryer and apply heat directly on top of the container about 2 inches high.  Be careful not to over melt because it will splash up at you.
6.When the lipstick is almost melted all the way, turn off the dryer and use the spatula to stir till smooth.
7.Tap the spatula on the side of the container to get off any excess.
8.Place to the side to cool.

And there you have it.  Quick and simple.  Once you get going it takes about 2 minutes total for each lipstick.  It gets messy so use a towel that you don't care that much about. 

A WORD OF CAUTION!  When heating the lipstick and the container they will be VERY hot.  Take care when handling. 

Your comments, questions and words of encouragement keep me going!  If you like to see more, let me know!!  Good Luck and have FUN!