Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kennie's Doll Spring 2011 Photoshoot

I just got in the mail the CD containing all the amazing photos from the Kennie's Doll Spring 2011 Photo shoot.  We shot in Galt, CA and I have to say out of the 240 images I received, I couldn't narrow it down to just a few.  It was so hard!  They were all amazing!  Here are my favorite shots of each of the girl's and a fun one of me putting on makeup. 

I met Joycelynn Brown through an industry website and we hit it right off.  She designed, sewed, and constructed each one of these gorgeous pieces of clothing.  She started as a model and following the footsteps of her late Grandmother, she began to design.  I have to say though, she should definitely keep getting in front of the camera because she is so beautiful!  She wanted the girl's to look fresh faced and natural so that the clothes would stand out. 

The photographers were so professional, fun and did an amazing job.  And the models were so sweet, professional, on time, and sooo pretty!  I see a bright future ahead for everyone!

Models:  Amina Jones, Bailey Walker, Katia Luxe, and Amayla Greer. 
Designer: Joycelynn Brown of Kennie's Doll
Photographers:,, and 


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