Thursday, April 28, 2011

Video Tutorial - Spring Green

This video is the last in the BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette series.  In this video I use palette #1.  The inspiration is the newness of spring like the fresh grass and green leaves.  This palette has an amazing array of colors and a huge variety in each color scheme.  Enjoy the look!

You Will Need:
White eyeliner in a pencil, gel or cream formula
Small fluffy brush
Shimmery bright yellow eyeshadow
Bright green shimmery eyeshadow
Medium sized eyeshadow brush
Matte dark green eyeshadow
Small dome brush
Black green eyeliner
Pencil brush
Large blending brush
Satin white gold eyeshadow
Neutral warm blush
Angled blush brush
Neutral lip stain or lip liner
Pale beige lipstick or lip gloss

Think of your eye lids in thirds.
Use the white eyeliner as a base to light up the eyeshadow and for added richness and hold.
Keep the insides portion of you lids the lightest to open up the eyes and brighten.
Pat in the middle color (bright green) instead of brushing it in.  You will blend it out later.
Use your outer color in a Matte.  Adding a third shimmery color will over power the look.  That Matte creates a balance in texture.
Using a green black eyeliner keeps with the green theme and pulls all the colors together.  Black can also be used.
When applying eyeshadow to the lower lash line, match what you did on the top on the bottom.
Keep your lips and cheeks in a neutral warm color so that you don't over do the whole look.
Make sure to apply an eye, face and lip primer before application!
When adding a lighter shade of lip gloss on a darker liner or stain with lighten up the lips.

Where to Buy:
BH Cosmetics Palette #1 -
White Gel Eyeliner -
MAC Tarnish Eyeliner -
Blush Palette - or
Cover Girl Lip Stain in Toffe - Drugstores everywhere
NYX Girl's lip gloss in Whipped -
Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara -

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