Sunday, February 27, 2011

Video Tutorial - How to Apply False Eyelashes

Finally!  My first video tutorial!  It took me awhile because I really just needed to be comfortable with seeing how I looked on camera.  I am still not entirely happy, but I think with practice and time my videos will get better. Not to mention how many hours it takes to do simple editing!  And YouTube limits the time you can do the videos.  So, here it is!   Enjoy!

You will need:
DUO eyelash adhesive
Eyelashes of your choice.  I am using Red Cherry's #523.
Orange Stick or end of a brush.

Try on the lashes before applying the glue and trim as needed on the outer eye part of the lash.
Only apply a thin layer of the glue on the base of the lash.
Put a tiny "bead" on the tips.
Let glue air dry for about 20 seconds or until it is tacky.
Curl real lashes first if the grow downwards.
Hold both ends of the lashes and place on the lash line, NOT on your real lashes!
Press into your lash line with the end of a small makeup brush or orange stick.
Glue will show white at first but should dry clear.
If you make a mistake, simply remove the lash and clean the glue off.  Try again.
Use a regular mascara like Mabelline's Great Lash to blend the real lashes and fake lashes together. 
Don't forget mascara on your lower lashes.
You can use your lashes 10-12 times if you take care of them.  Just wash the lashes with facial soap and air dry the container they came in. 

Where to buy:
Red Cherry Lashes $1.99
Duo lash adhesive CVS stores $4
Makensie Ring $75 and Mimi earrings $34 from

And there you go!  I would love to see how you do!  Post comments and pics below or on  Good Luck!