Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Miche Bags - Truely One Bag. Endless Possibilities!

Last night I went to a hostess party at my friend Stacey's.  There were really trendy jeans from and the brilliant Miche Bags.  Seriouly?  Why haven't I thought of this genius idea to have one base purse that has amazing organization and have "shells" to easily switch out your bag without having to unload everything?  I am the self proclaimed Organizational Maniac and this is a maniac's dream come true.  I hate to admit, but I have been carring around a teenie tiny purse for over a year now just for the sake of laziness and not wanting to switch out my purse.  I can't even zip it.  And I have two kids lugging around with me all day.  So I have an additional diaper bag I carry around too.  So when Stacey showed me her bag last December I told her "you better invite me to your party".  I can't even get enough of how affordable these purses are too!  The gal that was selling them had a special deal.  For the large bags (which is what I got since I have kids and I am hoping to eliminate my diaper bag!) the base bag and 2 shells was only $100 and I got a 3rd shell for half off.  I walked out the door with all but 1 shell (it had to be ordered) for only $129.30 which included tax.  That is 3 bags for that price!  I have to say that is pretty reasonable considering the bag size, quality, style and functionality.  Did I mention that they have DIAPER BAGS too?  Yep!  And they fit the big base bag!  The bags that I got was a basic shiny black, the Shawna, a coppery gold, the Natasha, and a fun yellow with black trim, the Allie.  There were plenty others that I liked but I thought that I spent enough for now and I needed to give it a longer term try before I invested some more.  A lot of the designs were in my opinion a bit dated or "old".  But too each is own and I am sure others will like these designs.  I think that I need to host a party of my own so everyone  can see how awesome these bags really are.  You can check them out for yourself at  Love Love Love!